Product Overview - BlueChip mPOS

Fully Integrated

BlueChip mPOS is a fully integrated solution that comes with core functionalities including EPOS, inventory, powerful reporting, loyalty, CRM, marketing, planning tools etc.


Simple POS

Sales staff needs simple screens, not busy ones. We love simplicity and cutting edge technologies. We provide a simple “button on the screen format” similar to traditional point of sale screens. This is essential in delivering fast customer transactions in a busy environment, while making the transition from old style to cloud familiar and comfortable to the end user. You can categories all products and our drag & drop functionality enables you setup unique screens to ease the sales process. We offer lightning fast, fully responsive, easily customizable POS solution……..

Our Sales Module provides an easy to use till with simple screens. Select the products on the touch screen and click Pay. Payments are accepted by cash, card or you can choose to put the transaction on the client’s credit account. You can apply discounts at the till. You can also choose to park the payment. The sales module is available both online and offline using HTML5 and an installed application. Fully responsive, no limitations, you can access from any device, anywhere.

Affordable Pricing

Our ePOS solution allows for small to mid-size businesses to manage sales, purchasing, inventory management, and stock control. We believe in the ‘best factor combination’. With our system you can forgot about huge initial implementation costs and ongoing maintenance costs. For a monthly fee you can avail of all our updates which will ensure you are using the latest edition. All upgrades are standard.


Fully backed up & Secure

We designed BlueChip to be secure, encrypted and high performance. We have partnered with highly reliable and efficient dedicated cloud backup storage system that enables us to back up your data in real time.

Inventory Management

Comprehensive and powerful platform to accurately manage your inventory in real-time. You can manage single or multiple locations, visibility of all transaction across sales channels, track and plan in advance, our epos solution enables you to make sound business decisions based on dynamic inventory intelligence.

BlueChip is an epos system which was designed with a full inventory tracking facility specifically designed with keeping control of your businesses most important assets, Stock and cash.

Do a Live spot check on any item in your store. Let employees know you are in full control of the day to day running of your stores.


Works offline and Online

Don’t worry about broadband issues, BlueChip epos has the capability of working as a complete offline solution. Your data and transactions will be secure and stored locally, syncs when connected to online.

Staff will be able to log in and out of the sales screen offline.

Indicators will be visible on screen to inform staff of a connection to internet problem.

Powerful reporting

More than just reports, we provide in-depth analysis on how your business performs, what’s the best selling product, profit and Loss, Key performance indicators, Labor costs, Low stock indicators, Margins, etc.


Integrated Credit Card Payments

We work with the leading merchant banking provider, bringing you the best rates and cutting edge technologies.

Client Management (CRM)

Our inbuilt client relationship management module easily captures your client information. Interact & engage with your clients more effectively, promote your products at no extra costs, create targeted campaigns.


Multi-layer Logins

Your business and data is our prime concern. You can create different role types on the system, restrict your staff access, or make someone inactive with a couple of clicks.


Our system offers an inbuilt loyalty program, forget about costly external applications and plastic cards.


Unlimited Products

We hate limitations, you have access to unlimited categories and products. You can allocate color coding to a short cut Key, add or edit products with a few clicks, manage tax rates, manage suppliers, import or export existing data, edit Stock levels, prices, quantities, promotions, discounts, special offers, customer details, etc. All this can all be done from anywhere in the world.

Staff Rosters

BlueChip has a facility for creating an online, live, easy to use staff roster. Managers can create a roster for their staff, which is available for everyone to view from anywhere, on their smart device. It also has a clock in and clock out facility which creates a facility for managers to track, correctly their staff working hours.

Staff costs will be available to view based on the roster. Staff cost and % of turnover are available to view real time. No need for partners or add on’s. Get accurate staff costs v sales, daily. Make decisions on staffing on a daily basis, not at the end of a month.



Key performance indicators will be available on manager’s dashboards. Sales, targets, Gross profits, staff costs are available in real time. Reports designed by accountants and business owners providing the information needed to make fast decisions to impact the future of your business daily. Business owners will have access to further levels of sales, staff, and inventory reports etc. above what is available to a manager.

Multiple Stores

BlueChip allows each individual shop to have its own epos screen and reports specific to each shop. Back office will have access to all information to all shops combined or individually.

There is also a facility for reporting suitable for franchise owners. Have your own dashboard with a list of reports on how individual franchisee stores are performing. We will even have a live sales % number clocking up, just to let you know how much you made today.


Mobile POS

Rapid growth of Mobile POS (mPOS) market is leading to the growth of overall POS terminals market. BlueChip mPOS allows sales and service industries to conduct financial transactions at a customer’s place, improving customer experience, and helping in freeing up the valuable space, which would be otherwise allocated to fixed POS terminals. mPOS is also a cost-effective solution that allows small business owners to perform transactions and setup POS without having to invest in any support software.BlueChip will work on any reasonable mobile device, tablets, iPad, etc.

Gift Card

Scan a gift card, assign an amount, and redeem it in any store


Online store / E-Commerce

BlueChips online store and epos are working on the one platform. Combine local sales with your online sales.

Tax Settings

Dynamically designed to accommodate any tax changes.



Free Support – No Strings attached. Your team can call us anytime between 9.00 – 5.30 pm, no cost involved.